IMG_0451My name is Denise Primm, founder and pet care provider for Peace Love and Paws.  I was born in Wichita Falls, Tx on Christmas day and adopted by THE most amazing parents in the world.  They have blessed me with a wonderful life and many treasured memories of limitless love, wonderful travels, and many, many pets I had the pleasure of raising, nurturing and calling my own…thus my passion for animals remains.  My deep affection for animals started as a little girl with a dream of loving, saving and rescuing every animal I came in contact with and ultimately becoming a veterinarian. That passion has grown over the years and continues to be my heart and soul. After many years of raising my own precious pets, pet sitting for family and friends, and rescuing many animals in need, I decided to make it not just a hobby, but a professional business that I can dedicate all my time to.  I feel I have truly found my place in life caring for animals and I am blessed to be able to do what I do. 


Meet my family…

Bentley…rescued 2008



Hope…rescued 2010 (surprise, she was pregnant!!)


Guinea Gaga

Sebastian…adopted 2010



Barklie                                    barkliebaby2